SIMeP  2012-2015 activity report

The Italian Society of Personalized Medicine (SIMeP) have been officially presented in December 14th 2011 in a meeting  in the Regione Lazio. Funder of SIMeP are 22 Italian scientists and 2 Italian corporate members.
The Society   is aimed to join and coordinate the activities of the many different skills required to support implementation and diffusion, in the real-world system, of the Personalized Medicine strategies, which are expected to bring social and financial benefits to the overall health system.
The Italian Society of Personalized Medicine promotes knowledge and development of this innovative discipline providing active support to scientific communication, research, technological innovation, technological training and general education in the field.
The strategies and the objectives of the SIMeP are in full harmony with the aim of the European development program Horizon 2020 "Health, demographic change and well-being," pursued through the improvement of "health and well-being of all while maintaining the economic sustainability of the systems assistance. SIMeP is aimed to define, together with the relevant national policy-makers, appropriate ethical and legal guidelines to regulate the personalized care delivery system, in order to grant patients and doctors’ rights.
SIMeP currently has about 800 members, 700 medical doctors and about 80 members involved research and development in the field of advanced diagnostics for treatment tailoring. No fee is required to be SIMeP-Associated.
In the European context, since 2013, SIMeP is part of European Society of Pharmacogenomics and Theranostics (ESPT) in order to promotes the sharing of all strategies, based on genomic/epigenetic evaluations and therapeutic drug monitoring, proved as effective tools to minimize side effects of drugs and to improve the clinical outcome.
In this contest was held between June 9th and June 14th 2014 in Rome the 2st Summer School on Pharmacogenomics and Theranostic, entitled: »Pharmacogenomics and other Omics leading to personalized medicine: Established and emerging scientific, clinical and ethical aspects« . The course was attended by approximately 50 participants and 27 speakers. The main topic of the summer school was the role of pharmacogenomics and other omics in personalized medicine (complete information . The program consisted of 30 lectures, three »Meet the professor« sessions and a visit to St. Andrea university hospital in Rome. In 60 minute lectures, the speakers presented the latest findings in the fields of pharmacogenomics, personalized medicine and bioethics. The “Meet the professors” sessions gave the students a unique opportunity to discuss their work and research problems with the speakers. St. Andrea hospital in Rome is a modern hospital, oriented towards implementation of personalized medicine in the clinical practice. The students were able to see their Laboratory for advanced molecular diagnostic with integrated platforms, used to achieve this goal.

SIMeP participated to EXPO 2015 with a series of conferences and workshops aimed to the dissemination of the new cultural model represented by Personalized Medicine. The main targets are:
                - common people from all around the world;
                - pharmaceutical companies involved in molecular targeted drugs;
- food companies (special focus on the potential role of nutrigenetics and nutrigenomics to promote better diet habits and food quality).